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Fathers, Protectors & Heroes

The Hallway Hero Project was started based on these staggering statistics of fatherless homes. We believe that if we can get consistent, positive father figures and role models into as many schools as possible then we can make a dent in these negative outcomes.

Our heroes will create a caring, welcoming, and protective spirit inside the hallways of your school!

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Statistical Guidance

Defining the Need

1-4 Children Live in Fatherless Homes

According to the 2021 U.S Census Bureau revealed that 18.4 million children live in a fatherless household. America is in an absentee father crisis.

Children of Fatherless Homes and School

The most recent fatherless household statistics show that those kids are 2 times more likely to drop out of high school; if not junior high.

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Effects on Behavior

According to fatherless home statistics, studies show that fatherless children are more likely to develop behavioral problems. In relation to this, these same children are more likely to commit crimes.


Hearing more and more about teen suicides is alarming. And the rate is increasing. Many of these teens come from homes without fathers or where the father is not involved. These kids are 2 times more likely to attempt suicide or successfully take their lives.

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Fathers Shape Their Children

Based on the fatherlessness statistics, 43% of fathers are wrong about the role they play in their child’s life. A father’s role has a significant impact on their children.  Fathers shape their children into the adults they become just as much as their mothers do.


90% of unhoused and runaway children in America come from fatherless households.

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