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The Hallway Hero Project engages fathers and father figures in a volunteer school program driven to serve schools and students alike. We strive to call these Heroes to the front lines of their child’s daily life and give them an opportunity to connect personally, and in a unique setting. With this said, we are also passionate about aiding the need for additional safety in schools. Our Hallway Heroes are equipped to support schools in their safety for all students and staff. Our training coordinator and Board member provides a 4-part online session that teaches our Heroes about pre incident Behavioral Threat detection. His background with the Tennessee National Guard and his Executive Security program adds to the enhanced safety from our trained Heroes. We add to the much needed helping hand and extra set of eyes, providing a broad sense of school safety to both staff and students. With a current statistical “mom-mostly” volunteer system, we aim to enrich father-child relationships, fostering a deeper involvement of dedication to their child’s life and education- all the while providing a much needed steady and positive male presence in the lives of those children who lack this at home.

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....I think it’s great having an extra set of eyes watching. During warm days when the kids are outside, it is hard to be in two places at once so whether I’m inside and a HH is outside, or vice versa, knowing that someone else is there watching over the kids is a peace of mind. I know from talking to teachers they absolutely love it and love that there are people who care enough to want to help. I think it’s absolutely wonderful that have Dad’s, Grandparent’s, Uncles, whomever-putting in voluntary hours to just be here. Not only are they doing this for volunteering, but they also get to see their loved ones at school while doing it, and to a child, that’s comforting itself to know that they can say, “my” family member is here to help watch over us. It’s great!

Caroline Keyes

West Elementary School Resource Officer
West Elementary School
Mount Juliet, TN

We are very fortunate to have The Hallway Hero Project at our school. This program has brought us not only safety but also community. The volunteers love the interaction they have with our students. Similarly, our students love the interaction with the volunteers. Mr. David has been integral in getting our program up and running. The company is very supportive and available whenever we have questions. We are proud to be a part of The Hallway Hero Project.

Heath Tyler

Vice Principal
Elzie D Patton Elementary

This is one of the most amazing projects I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in. The Hallway Heroes Project allows parents to walk the halls throughout the day assisting teachers and other staff in the cafeteria and on the playground, helping to make sure outside doors are securely locked, and being an extra set of eyes in the hallway to make sure our children feel safe. This positive interaction with all of our wonderful kids makes such a huge difference in their day! We also are available to help any of the teachers in their classroom, if they request assistance. It would be amazing for this to be available in every school!

Brent Roberts

Elzie Patton Elementary
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Our family has a rich history of gratefulness and support for our schools and the children that they serve. David and Debbie Purifoy raised four children. Katie Kempton, their third child, and her husband David Kempton now have three children who are currently in school.

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